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Pasta della Casa

ⓥ Spaghetti Pomodoro £7.00

Fresh basil, garlic cooked in a tomato sauce


Spaghetti Bolognese£7.80

Traditional home made bolognese sauce


Spaghetti Matriciana £7.80

Bacon, garlic, chilli & tomato sauce


Spaghetti Rimini£8.50

Chicken & mushrooms in a cream sauce


Spaghetti di Mare £8.90

Mix seafood cooked in tomato sauce


Penne Tonno £7.80

Tuna with basil, garlic & tomato


Penne al Chorizo £8.50

Chorizo in, garlic, chilli & tomato sauce


Homemade Lasagne£8.00

Layers of pasta baked in the oven with homemade bolognese & tomato sauce


Homemade Cannelloni£8.00

Rolled pancake filled with meat & spinach baked in the oven in a tomato sauce


Tortellini Cremolati£8.50

Meat filled pasta with ham, mushrooms & cream


Penne San remo£8.50

Oven baked with penne, ham, mushrooms, in cream & tomato sauce topped with mozzarella


Penne Mafioso£8.50

oven baked with penne, chicken, chilli, garlic & onion in tomato sauce topped with mozzarella


ⓥ Penne Gradinate£8.50

Oven baked with penne, chopped aubergine, onions, garlic & tomato, topped with mozzarella


Tagliatelle Carbonara£8.00

With bacon, garlic & parsley in cream sauce


ⓥ Tagliatelle Alfredo£8.00

With mushrooms & peas in cream sauce


Tagliatelle Pavarotti£8.00

With ham, mushrooms, cream & tomato sauce


Tagliatelle Salmone£8.90

With salmon, mushrooms, tomato & cream sauce

Pizzeria – from the pizza oven


ⓥ Pizza Napoletana£7.00

Cheese & tomato


Pizza Sorrento£7.50

Cheese, tomato, ham & mushrooms


Pizza Calabrese £7.50

Cheese, tomato & sliced peperoni


Pizza Tropicale £7.50

Cheese, tomato, ham & pineapple


ⓥ Pizza Primavera£7.90

Mushrooms, onions, peppers & spinach


Pizza Diavola£8.50

Peppers, onions, chilli & chorizo

Pizza Rustica£8.50

Cheese, tomato, chicken & peppers


Pizza Quattro Stagioni£8.90

Pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, peppers & onions


Pizza di Manzo£8.90

Cheese, bolognese base, pepperoni & chilli


Pizza Pescatora£8.90

Cheese, tomato, tuna and prawns


Pizza Calzone£9.90

Folded pizza filled with cheese, tomato, ham, salami, chicken, mushrooms, onions & peppers

Risotto – arborio rice


Risotto Siciliano£8.90

Chorizo, peas, chilli & garlic in a tomato sauce


ⓥ Risotto Vegetali£8.90

Mixed vegetables cooked in tomato or cream sauce


Risotto Genovese£8.90

Peas, ham & mushrooms in a cream sauce


Risotto Pollo£8.90

Chicken, mushrooms ina tomato & cream sauce


Risotto Carne£8.90

Beef, peppers, onions & chilli in a tomato sauce


Risotto Marinara£8.90

Mixed seafood, basil cooked in a tomato sauce


Pietanze – main courses


Bistecca ai Ferri£15.50

Grilled sirloin steak with mushrooms


Bistecca Pizzaiola£15.50

Sirloin steak cooked with garlic, oregano, olives & chilli in tomato red wine sauce


Bistecca Casanova£15.50

Sirloin steak cooked with onions, peppers, mushrooms in tomato& wine sauce


Bistecca Diana£15.50

Sirloin steak cooked with mustard, onions, mushrooms & garlic in a brandy cream sauce


Filletto Stroganof£15.50

Sliced fillet cooked with onions & mushrooms in white wine cream sauce served on a bed of rice

Filletto ai Ferri£18.90

Grilled fillet steak with mushrooms


Filletto Pavarotti£18.90

Fillet steak cooked with mushrooms, parsley, white wine in a cream sauce


Filletto Au Poivre£18.90

Fillet steak cooked with cracked peppercorn & white wine finished in a brandy cream sauce


Filletto Rossini£18.90

Fillet steak topped with pate & cooked in a rich sherry cream sauce


Filletto Nerone£18.90

Grilled fillet steak rolled in bacon & served in a brandy flame to your table (MR or MED)


Pollo – chicken


Pollo alla Crema£12.50

Chicken breast cooked with white wine & mushrooms in a cream sauce


Pollo al Pepe Nero£12.50

Chicken breast cooked with cracked peppercorn & white wine in a cream sauce


Pollo alla Peperonita£12.50

Sliced chicken cooked with garlic, chilli, red peppers & onions in a tomato sauce

Pollo alla Cacciatora£12.50

Chicken breast cooked with onions, garlic, mushrooms & red wine in a tomato sauce


Pollo alla Paprika£12.50

Sliced chicken with onions, red peppers, wine in creamy paprika sauce served on a bed of rice


Pollo alla Ferenze£13.50

Chicken topped with parma ham cooked in a spinach & white wine cream sauce

Vitello – veal


Vitello Romana£14.50

Veal escalope’s cooked with red peppers, mushrooms, garlic & red wine in a tomato sauce


Vitello Funghetto£14.50

Veal escalope’s cooked with mushrooms, white wine, a touch of tomato in a cream sauce

Vitello Milanese£14.90

Veal escalope’s coated in bread crumbs


Vitello Pimontesse£14.90

Veal escalope’s in bread crumbs, oven baked, topped with mozzarella & tomato


***all main course dishes include veg of the day Or if stated some may be served on a bed of rice

***ⓥ – vegetarian dish



Also SPECIAL BOARDS available