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Garlic Breads


ⓥ Garlic Bread£4.50


ⓥ Tomato Garlic£5.00


ⓥ Cheese Garlic£5.90


ⓥ Half Cheese & Tomato£5.90





ⓥ Bruschetta Pomodoro£4.90

Chopped tomatoes, red onions, fresh basil & garlic mixed with olive oil placed on toasted bread

ⓥ Bruschetta Mozzarella£5.90

Buffalo mozzarella cheese, chopped tomatoes, red onions, garlic & fresh basil mixed with olive oil placed on toasted bread




ⓥ Minestrone£4.90

Homemade vegetable soup

Zuppa del Giorno£4.90

Freshly homemade soup

Side Orders


ⓥ Panne della Casa£2.50

Warm bread with butter

ⓥ Riso Bianco£3.00

Plain rice

ⓥ Patate Arrosto£3.00

Roasted potatoes

ⓥ Patine Fritte£3.00

Fried chips

ⓥ Verdure Miste£3.90

Mixed vegetables and potatoes

ⓥ Patatine Grosse£3.90

Homemade chunky chips

ⓥ Olive Miste£3.90

Mixed olives topped with garlic & olive oil

ⓥ Insalatina Pomodoro£3.90

Sliced tomatoes & onions drizzled with fresh basil & olive oil

ⓥ Insalatina Capricciosa£3.90

Freshly mixed salad drizzled with the chef’s homemade dressing


Antipasti – starters


Fegato della Casa£5.90

Smooth chicken liver pate served with chutney dip & toasted bread


Ali’di Pollo£5.90

Roasted chicken wings marinated in a chilli, garlic & lemon juice


ⓥ Funghetti all’Aglio£5.90

Mushrooms cooked in garlic, white wine in a butter or cream sauce


Polpette Casa£5.90

Homemade meatballs made with chilli, garlic, basil topped with mozzarella in a tomato sauce


ⓥ Insalata Caprese£5.90

Freshly sliced tomato, sliced buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil drizzled with olive oil

ⓥ Brie Impanato Fritto£6.90

Deep fried breaded brie served with a garnish & cranberry dip


Calamari di Fritta£6.90

Deep fried squid rings severed with garnish & a garlic mayo dip


Cozze Marinare£6.90

Mussels cooked with white wine, garlic in a cream or tomato chilli sauce



Marinated pork ribs slowly cooked in our chef succulent homemade sauce



Shell off king prawns cooked with garlic, chilli, white wine & a touch of tomato sauce


Mediterranea InsalataStarter £6.90
Main £10.90
Chicken with mixed olives tossed in a mixed salad drizzled with chef’s homemade dressing



***ⓥ – vegetarian dish



CHILDREN MENU (under 11 years old)
Chicken Goujons & Chips
Penne Bolognese
Pizza With A Choice Of Topping
Cordial Drink
Ice-Cream (one scoop)
£6.90 per Child